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Hi, I’m Robin Egberts and I write short stories and sometimes even some longer stories. About magic, horror, dreams and the unimaginable vastness of space. (Imagine that last bit in a deep mysterious voice.)

On this website I post short stories, sometimes with a little ink drawing attached.

These are some of my favourites:

I started writing these short stories to practice keeping my ideas concise, because my novel length projects kept getting longer each draft. But I very quickly found a love for writing these shorter stories.

Sometimes I tailor a story to practice a specific element of writing, like dialogue or description. And other times it’s to experiment with an idea or a narrative voice I haven’t tried before. Most of the time I just have an idea for fun plot or character and want to share it.

I don’t just write short stories though. I’m currently working on a project that’ll end up somewhere between novel and novella length. It’s a horror sci-fi about five alien enthusiasts who travel to a distant planet following a strange signal. Only instead of the sprawling civilisation they hope to find, they find a barren rock with only a couple of plants instead. Knowing their ship was only ever meant to be a one way ticket, they set up for the long haul. It’s when they find the source of the signal in a cave big enough for their whole ship to fit in that they begin to question their initial assessment. Could there be intelligent life hidden on this planet after all?

Project Progress:

Second Draft

Current problem: Balancing the horror elements with the interpersonal play between characters.

Want to learn a bit about the characters? Here are some stories about them before they left Earth: Fabian Pauwel “Drink this,” the witch said.

Besides writing and reading, I also enjoy taking pictures of mushrooms, building terrariums filled with all kinds of insects, cuddling with my cats, getting lost in the peaceful environment of my aquarium, taking walks in nature, drawing, playing video games, playing minuet in G on my keyboard, and just hanging out in my plant-filled bedroom.

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