AuthorRobin Egberts

The Book-Copying Skirmishes


Hidden between the cracks of our world, is a different world. A world protected by powerful wards and secrecy spells. A world of magic. But even more hidden, lurking in the shadows of the magical world, is the magical underground.

Uncaring of the laws of both the mundane and magical governments, people gather to sell illicit substances, trade knowledge of harmful magic, exchange exotic animals, and most importantly; to sell books on the cheap.

It Ends in Anarchy


When Harry Potter murdered Professor Quirinus Quirrell by burning the man with his bare hands, Headmaster Dumbledore awarded him 60 points, winning Gryffindor the house cup. While the scent of burning flesh still lingered in his nostrils, the Headmaster told Harry it was his mothers love that made blisters appear under his touch, made blood boil and fat melt, and that this was a beautiful thing.

That summer, whenever he awakened from nightmares filled with the screams of a dying man, blistered and cracked skin, eyes leaking more than just tears, he thought back on the Headmasters reassuring words and let them convince him what he did wasn’t bad at all.

The Well


Somewhere, unbound by the laws of time and space, exists a wishing well. You probably haven’t heard of this well, but not because it’s a secret. It’s just that most people who encounter it aren’t around to tell the tale.

Dear Apothecary,


Dear Apothecary,

A month ago my husband Augustine purchased a bag of mushroom seeds from your store. He was delighted at first, and the mushrooms grew fast and looked surprisingly nice, the latter of which I was most happy about.

Now, Augustine would write you himself, but he is currently weeping in his office. The mushrooms will not glow, he informs me.

Chapter 2 — A couple of flies


Shane fluttered his hand in front of his face, waving a tiny fly out of his vision. “Spiders weren’t hungry?” He once again sat in his favourite armchair, Danielle across from him on the sofa, sunlight from the window casting strange shadows on her face through the leaves of her Monstera plant.


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