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Just Another


When Andrea left her cabin late that morning, the Meduse was awash with movement. Crew darted to and fro, adjusting the submerged sails and double checking the integrity of the anchor.

One look over the rail confirmed her suspicion. They’d reached their destination.

Panwerd’s docks were visible in the distance, crowded with tiny ships both with sails and without. Overlooking it was the town itself. She couldn’t make out the houses in the distance, but the windmill turned proud in the wind.

She rushed to find the captain, thrumming with excitement. Finally he’d tell her what she came here to see.

Outstandingly Fine


Someone is following Yvonne. It's only when she hides in a library that she learns why.

From behind her came the light whoosh of the door opening. She turned, breath catching. She hadn’t gotten a good look before, but this had to be her, her stalker. Tall, heavy and with straight black hair slicked back from her face, she stood like a sentry before the door. “Yvonne,” she said, “you have fifteen years worth of library fines. Time to pay up.”


Warehouse Worker – a fathers day story


Behind you, the workers shuffled, rubber soles shifting on rough concrete. You pressed your lips together. “What am I supposed to be helping with?” you asked, glancing behind you.

“Manpower,” a burly worker said, joining you at the front. “We need more people.”

You eyed the big shelves of metal, parts moving automatically, pushing crates around, carrying them where they needed to be. “In a place where everything runs by itself?”


Something rumbled in the distance. Wheels, maybe, or gears. A loud whistle from the same direction. The workers jumped, and three sprinted there with nervous, even fearful expressions. Their steps echoed on the cement floor long after they vanished from view.

Fake Portal


In the following weeks, the fridge demon didn’t go away. He was almost seventy percent sure it was real. Albion avoided the fridge like the plague, and the things he kicked under there really did seem to vanish.

Then again, he couldn’t be certain.

Demons and monsters were not exactly rare, but they weren’t common either. By comparison, Teague’s hallucinations were much more common.

“Drink this,” the witch said.

There were rumours that a witch lived here. Where the tree-lined path merged with the forest. Rumour had it that this witch would help you out if you asked nicely. Well- her co-workers had said it with a bit more scorn in their voices, but ever since she overheard she hadn’t been able to put it out of her mind.


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