Ink drawing of two slugs

I am posting here in regards to the wounds that have been appearing on my arms when I sleep.

They’re not from bedbugs, I know that much for certain. The wounds are too big, and too odd. It doesn’t look like your usual insect bite. Instead it’s like something has scraped away a tiny patch of skin, layer by layer, until they drew blood.

Dan’s Spider

Ink Drawing of a Spider

Dan had no idea what would make anyone, let alone his colleague, proclaim their love for spiders of all things, but he never claimed to understand Summer. He closed his laptop and joined his colleague to go to the cafeteria. They sat down on opposite sides of the same table. “You love-” those two words shouldn’t be next to each other, “-spiders?”

“You don’t have to believe me,” she said petulantly.

Dan rummaged in his bag in search for his food. “Well good,” he said. He plopped his lunch box on the table. “Because I don’t.”

“Why not?”

That question didn’t deserve an answer. There was nothing lovable about spiders. Nothing. And he knew for a fact Summer was scared of them. He gave her a look.

Land’s Intelligence


Years ago, Emelia's friend told her he'd found something amazing by the river. Two days later his corpse was found floating downstream. The river has been off-limits to her since then, but now that she's an adult, her parents can't prevent her from exploring the place that's been haunting her for years.

Lost in Space


I had to light my candle by touch alone. For a moment, the smoke of the match overpowered the other smells permeating the air.

The relief didn’t last long.

My eyes hurt. Either because of the smell, or because I watched the stars for too long. I watched for hours. When I close my eyes, I can still see the millions of pinpricks spot my vision.

The Right Mindset


I watched the others pack their things from my place against a tree. Once in a while, one of them would watch me back. I would have helped, if it weren’t for the ropes tying me against the tree.

“I wonder if there is a way to keep your mind when you’re infected.”
“Don’t be stupid,”

A Face


A boy walked through a forest. His pink hair contrasted against the dark green of the plants. His steps were determined, confident. His shoes looked like new, even though he must have been walking for days now. Even his clothes still looked pristine. As if the soft flowing fabrics managed to dodge every hooked thorn, every grabbing branch. As if they flowed right through them...



Around the edge of the garden, something moved. The bushes rustled. Whatever it was made a chirping sound unlike any bird she knew. Something small and brown moved between the leaves. Megan sat up and tried to get a better look. Was it a mouse? It moved out of the bushes. Megan’s heart froze.

A mushroom...


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