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Dear Apothecary,


Dear Apothecary,

A month ago my husband Augustine purchased a bag of mushroom seeds from your store. He was delighted at first, and the mushrooms grew fast and looked surprisingly nice, the latter of which I was most happy about.

Now, Augustine would write you himself, but he is currently weeping in his office. The mushrooms will not glow, he informs me.

Chapter 2 — A couple of flies


Shane fluttered his hand in front of his face, waving a tiny fly out of his vision. “Spiders weren’t hungry?” He once again sat in his favourite armchair, Danielle across from him on the sofa, sunlight from the window casting strange shadows on her face through the leaves of her Monstera plant.

Chapter 1 — A fly


He rushed after her, through the plant-filled living room and into the kitchen. Danielle’s entire house was like an oasis, plants included. Any space that wasn’t filled with furniture was covered in plants. Long vines with round bright green leaves hung down from the top kitchen cupboards. The counter was filled with herbs and flowers in all kinds of colours.

Ana’s Nightmares

Ink drawing of a plush pig

Pig was Ana’s escape from her dreams. Flimsy and deflated, the stuffing compacted by years of squishes and hugs, pig was always there for her when she woke from those terrible nightmares. Where her dreams were filled with dread, flashes of pain, dizzying movements, pig was pure comfort. Always the same, reliable, in her control.


Ink drawing of two slugs

I am posting here in regards to the wounds that have been appearing on my arms when I sleep.

They’re not from bedbugs, I know that much for certain. The wounds are too big, and too odd. It doesn’t look like your usual insect bite. Instead it’s like something has scraped away a tiny patch of skin, layer by layer, until they drew blood.


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