Missions to Mars


Prompt by: u/AnakinWayneII 2020CE: a group of investigative journalists and rogue intelligence analysts are investigating “wild” claims that 2 secret manned missions to Mars occurred nearly 40 years ago. Things get heated after some of the journalists die in “accidents” and intelligence analysts begin to go “missing”.   There have been rumours going around that the space shuttles weren’t the only new space crafts launched in the eighties. Whispers of a project even more ambitious than the International Space Station. Grander than the Moon landings. Wild claims, ridiculous claims. Really, we shouldn’t have even bothered. The fact that we managed to get together such a big team is honestly ridiculous. No one really believed in some secret manned missions to Mars. How could something like that remain a secret? But work had been slow the last year, and this sounded more interesting than the usual slog. It didn’t take long before I was joined by...

World Peace


Prompt by: u/whizkeylullaby You are the last soldier on earth. Nobody died or anything, war has just been unanimously replaced with virtual reality simulators. Drunk, angry, and out of a job, you say, “Fuck it. I’m taking over the world”   While calling it world peace might be a tad overzealous, ever since the creation of the World Wide Virtual Reality Web, nation-wide wars were fought not with bombs and guns and armies, but online. At this point, no nation in the world even had an actual army left. Of course, crime and mobs and even some terrorists still existed, but even the general population was content to move all their violence to the virtual realm. Mackenzie Miller hated it. While the word ‘soldier’ wasn’t quite accurate anymore, what with her not belonging to an army, she was not content to sit around playing video games while her glock was left to gather dust in her attic. Drunk, angry, and out of a job, she finally said, “Fuck it. I’m taking over the...



Prompt by: u/reticente You died. To enter heaven you are actually judged on how you treated inanimate objects. Materialism is the truth.   “And after rudely kicking the innocent table and cursing it for ‘moving’,” the long-haired man read from his list in a monotone voice, “you proceeded to gently pet the lacquered surface and apologise.” The man looked up over his glasses and pierced Mattie with his stare. “What do we make of that, Matthew Orchard?” “I—I don’t know sir.” Mattie could hardly believe what was happening. That he was being judged on how he treated inanimate objects of all things. They’d been sitting here for hours now. The man, with his long hair tied in a low ponytail reading out a never-ending list of all his… sins… “Well,” the man continued, “I think it’s a good thing. You do realise most people never even think to apologise to the furniture they damage?” Mattie did realise. He’d been laughed at for it enough times to lose count. It was just an automatic...

Unlucky picture


An edited and improved version of this story is now available for purchase as part of the ‘Prophecies of the Drowned Oracle’ collection. More Info Buy on Ko-fi Buy on Amazon [20-11-19] Prompt by u/Xedro: Bad things always happen to people you photograph. You’re torn between treating this as a curse or exploiting it as a gift.   It was such a ridiculous ‘power’ that it took Lynn far too long to figure it out. As a child, being on vacation and playing with the camera didn’t seem at all related to the various disasters that hit her and her family. Who would ever come to the conclusion that taking a family photo was the thing that led to their car being stolen? That taking a funny picture of her brother was what caused his Nintendo-DS to fall and break. That the pictures she took of her cat is what lead to his disappearance. Bad things happened to the people she photographed. It wasn’t until the first death that she started to suspect… But even then she convinced...

Paranormal reports


An edited and improved version of this story is now available for purchase as part of the ‘Prophecies of the Drowned Oracle’ collection. More Info Buy on Ko-fi Buy on Amazon [19-11-19] Prompt by u/The_OG_upgoat: Most ghosts are bound to certain locations, but not this wandering spirit.   Jody watched the submarine submerge. Waves rolled over the place the vessel was only a moment ago. She could have gone with them, it was always exciting to see new places, and the deepest parts of the ocean were as new to her as they were to the people on board, but today she had something else to do. She turned her back to the sea and started up a firm pace towards the cliffs looming over her. Her gaze fell on the old castle just visible at the very top. She shuddered. The thought of being stuck there for the rest of eternity, or at least until the whole thing fell apart, was revolting. She had no idea how Charles handled it, how he was still sane. Charles was bound to the castle he...

The last human


[18-11-19] Prompt by u/Alpha_Trekkie: After an apocalypse you are the last human alive. travelling the country side in your increasing age you slowly stumble into more and more things before realising that magic is returning to the world. today you spot a village of elves, the first intelligent things you have seen in over 30 years.   I stomp out the last embers of last night’s fire. I have to be careful. The grass around me is dry, it hasn’t rained for weeks. I wouldn’t want to set fire to my surroundings. There would be no firefighters to save me then. I smile sardonically. I haven’t seen a firefighter in more than 4 decades, maybe even 5. I’m not entirely sure. A pang of loneliness stabs my heart, but I brush it off without much effort. I haven’t seen anyone in more than 30 years, you would think I would be used to it by now. But no, humans are social creatures, and I will always be one of them. Most of those 30 years I’ve spent travelling, hoping to find even one fellow...

Last minutes


[14-11-19] Prompt by u/AlternActive: A machine that allows to view and feel the last minutes of someones life has been invented. You, a convicted murderer, will be the first person testing. The victim was brutally killed.   What seems like hundreds of wires are connected to the helmet I wear, all of them connected to the machine around me. The machine that will let me view and feel the last moments of a life. Ever since the machine was invented, all convicted murderers are forced to go through it. I wouldn’t be the exception. I try to prepare myself for what’s coming. The end I’m about to experience is a violent one. I hear the click of a switch. A buzzing starts up in the machine, resonating all around me. The buzzing grows louder and louder until I hear nothing else, can’t even hear my own thoughts. Everything except for the buzzing is wiped away. Then, with a loud snap, I’m transported somewhere else. After the all consuming buzz, the silence around me is...

The woman with the coat


An edited and improved version of this story is now available for purchase as part of the ‘Prophecies of the Drowned Oracle’ collection. More Info Buy on Ko-fi Buy on Amazon [13-11-19] Prompt by u/ItsHeredditary: You’re walking alone down a dark road one night when you see a stranger coming towards you. Give the stranger one unusual piece of attire, one mannerism, and one line of dialogue to make the encounter as creepy and unsettling as possible without being overtly or explicitly sinister.   Through the darkness of the night, in the distance, I could just make out the shape of someone walking in the opposite direction as I. I didn’t hear any footsteps other than my own quiet ones, a habit I picked up when I started walking this route at night instead of in the morning. It felt wrong to interrupt the stillness of the night, to overpower the soft noises of animals rustling between the leaves. As the stranger got closer, I could make out more of their shape. It...

Mind readers


An edited and improved version of this story is now available for purchase as part of the ‘Prophecies of the Drowned Oracle’ collection. More Info Buy on Ko-fi Buy on Amazon [21-10-19] Prompt by u/Cuckmandu: Everyone in the world has the ability read minds, except for you. It is treated as such a normal and inconsequential fact of life that it is rarely if ever brought up. Because of this, you have no knowledge of this world of mind readers.   Dominic gave up lying at a very early age. It never worked. Whatever he tried, his mother could always tell. “Did you eat the last cookie, Dominic?” He’d been so careful, he’d made sure not to leave a single crumb on his face or hands. He even left the jar on the table instead of back in the cupboard, to make it look like dad did it. Dad never cleaned the jar up after himself. “I didn’t,” he said. Mum frowned. “Don’t lie to me Dominic, I know it was you.” “It wasn’t me.” “It’s rude to lie to someone’s face Dominic. Next...

Fresh air


[01-10-19] Prompt by u/jpeezey: While cleaning, you move a carpet in your basement and find a hidden manhole cover. Curious, you open it with a crowbar, and surprisingly the air coming from it doesn’t smell nasty. Actually, it smells… fresh.   Under the carpet was a manhole cover. Eliza had no idea why it was there. The carpet had been there before she moved in. She pried the thing open with the crowbar she’d just found under a shelf. She turned up the brightness of her headlamp. Tiny metal ladder steps lead into a dark abyss. There couldn’t be anything really dangerous under the house right? Her shoes clanged on the rungs of the ladder. One creaked, but it didn’t fall. Finally, she felt the ground again. Now fully engulfed in the darkness, she could actually see by the light of her headlamp. She adjusted her breathing cap. There could be extra dangerous toxins down here. She inhaled. Weird. She breathed again. Could it be? She didn’t take off her cap, she wouldn’t be...


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