Prophecies of the Drowned Oracle – Ebook Release!

Prophecies of the Drowned Oracle Book Cover

Ebook release announcement!

A crime of passion forces an aspiring mob boss to seek the council of oracles and prophecies. A zombie victim believes sheer willpower will overpower the virus rapidly taking over her mind. A pair of neighbours deal with a fly infestation that can’t be natural. A woman finds a dear friend in the AI controlling the mysterious fake company that just hired her. A diver encounters a corpse that’s much fresher than it should be.

Prophecies of the Drowned Oracle is a short story collection about magic and other mysterious hidden things. 25 stories of horror, humour and love.

Spirits, death, nature, dreams and nightmares. If you enjoy a bit of magical mystery, this is the collection for you.

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Hello and welcome to my blog. When I post this, there won’t be any writing to see here yet, but you won’t have to wait long because I have finally decided on and committed to a posting schedule. I’m going to post a short story every Monday. Most of them will be around 1000 words long, but some might be a little longer or shorter. While I haven’t posted any writing on my blog yet, I do have some writing available elsewhere if you’re curious. You’re always welcome to check out my Reddit: u/RobinEgberts. I regularly answer writing prompts over on r/WritingPrompts. And I ask for critique and feedback over on r/writing. The writing prompt answers aren’t super refined, but they’re fun little stories. I even plan to rework some of them into more quality work to post over here. As for the critique, those are the actual stories I want to post here. I don’t have any regular beta-readers yet apart from my parents and grandma, so I use the...


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