World Peace


Prompt by: u/whizkeylullaby

You are the last soldier on earth. Nobody died or anything, war has just been unanimously replaced with virtual reality simulators. Drunk, angry, and out of a job, you say, “Fuck it. I’m taking over the world”


While calling it world peace might be a tad overzealous, ever since the creation of the World Wide Virtual Reality Web, nation-wide wars were fought not with bombs and guns and armies, but online. At this point, no nation in the world even had an actual army left.

Of course, crime and mobs and even some terrorists still existed, but even the general population was content to move all their violence to the virtual realm. Mackenzie Miller hated it.

While the word ‘soldier’ wasn’t quite accurate anymore, what with her not belonging to an army, she was not content to sit around playing video games while her glock was left to gather dust in her attic. Drunk, angry, and out of a job, she finally said, “Fuck it. I’m taking over the world.”

The first step she took towards her new goal the next day was waiting for her hangover to subside. After that, she set to planning.

Thirty years later, Mackenzie sat on her throne and thought back on the early days. How as a child, she’d always looked at companies like Google and Amazon with envy. So much money. Enough money to pay thousands of employees. Enough to fund research into anything.

Enough money to fund an army and research new weaponry. All that, with a lovely innocent paint on top that would divert suspicion from anyone on the outside. Who would suspect the company that started out as a dating app? Sure, they branched out into some questionable research after a decade, but the owner was known to be a bit of an eccentric. Nothing to worry about, right?

It didn’t matter much anyway. Most people were so busy with their virtual wars that they still hadn’t even realised they were now the subjects of a Supreme Ruler.

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