Ana’s Nightmares

Ink drawing of a plush pig

Pig was Ana’s escape from her dreams. Flimsy and deflated, the stuffing compacted by years of squishes and hugs, pig was always there for her when she woke from those terrible nightmares. Where her dreams were filled with dread, flashes of pain, dizzying movements, pig was pure comfort. Always the same, reliable, in her control.

The Cloud Dwellers


While Grace and Emma meet each other in their dreams, someone else pays much closer attention to the clouds drifting high above.
'In the clouds, I see people. I see knights in armour, horses galloping and bucking, a battle. The swords clash against each other, but the sound doesn’t reach me. They’re too far above, but I can imagine.'

Toad Expanse and Dune Grass


She takes a moment to consider her surroundings. What had she called this place earlier? Toad Expanse? What does that even mean? Okay, whatever, it doesn’t matter.
Grace leans her chin on her knees. “I’m not sure exactly how it works.”
“Magic, I guess,” Emma says.
“Yeah.” Grace sighs and flops onto her back. She stares up at the empty blue sky.

A Face


A boy walked through a forest. His pink hair contrasted against the dark green of the plants. His steps were determined, confident. His shoes looked like new, even though he must have been walking for days now. Even his clothes still looked pristine. As if the soft flowing fabrics managed to dodge every hooked thorn, every grabbing branch. As if they flowed right through them...


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