Phoenix — part 4


Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 — Part 4 of 7

Cody desperately tried to keep his tears at bay as he looked at his hands. Not even a spark of light lit up between them. “Why isn’t it reacting?” Cody whispered, eyes still on the nothingness in front of him. His thoughts jumped to the stories he’d heard of other children not being able to use spells on spell day…

Phoenix — part 3


Part 1 – Part 2 — Part 3 of 7

The first time Kenny burned was, if not expected, completely normal. There was no cause for worry back then.

The second time was concerning, worrying. Cody tried to put it out of his mind after Kenny returned to normal, but he couldn’t. The worry kept swirling in his mind, and he kept a close eye on his familiar to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.

Still, it happened a third time...

Phoenix — part 2


Part 1 — Part 2 of 7

A year after Cody met him in the flower shop, Kenny burned for the first time.

He knew it was a possibility, but it still took him by surprise. It was common knowledge that phoenixes burned when they died, from old age or otherwise, and were reborn from their own ashes. What wasn’t common knowledge, was how long it took to happen...

Phoenix — part 1


Part 1 of 7

Cody met him when he was seven.

He shuffled after his parents as they entered the flower shop. The bell above the door rang as it closed behind him. Cody never liked this shop. Flowers were supposed to smell fresh, but this shop managed to be musty even while filled with the most fragrant flowers. Cody wanted to go back outside, but the look his father gave him was enough warning.

The River Spirit


A corpse, still fresh, drifted down the river. Soon it would become part of the current that moved it forward. Everything in the current belonged to the river, to its spirit. The spirit drifted around the corpse, examining all its features. Its murky eyes, its tangle of brown hair. She wondered what it had been like in life. Before its lungs filled with water, when it still fought for its life, clawing at the banks...

A Face


A boy walked through a forest. His pink hair contrasted against the dark green of the plants. His steps were determined, confident. His shoes looked like new, even though he must have been walking for days now. Even his clothes still looked pristine. As if the soft flowing fabrics managed to dodge every hooked thorn, every grabbing branch. As if they flowed right through them...



Around the edge of the garden, something moved. The bushes rustled. Whatever it was made a chirping sound unlike any bird she knew. Something small and brown moved between the leaves. Megan sat up and tried to get a better look. Was it a mouse? It moved out of the bushes. Megan’s heart froze.

A mushroom...


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