It Ends in Anarchy


When Harry Potter murdered Professor Quirinus Quirrell by burning the man with his bare hands, Headmaster Dumbledore awarded him 60 points, winning Gryffindor the house cup. While the scent of burning flesh still lingered in his nostrils, the Headmaster told Harry it was his mothers love that made blisters appear under his touch, made blood boil and fat melt, and that this was a beautiful thing.

That summer, whenever he awakened from nightmares filled with the screams of a dying man, blistered and cracked skin, eyes leaking more than just tears, he thought back on the Headmasters reassuring words and let them convince him what he did wasn’t bad at all.



“We notified your father of our conditions an hour ago,” Cecelia said. The boy, Alexander Bertram, trembled under her stare. He would have been taller than her, if his broken leg didn’t force him onto his knees that is. “He called the cops.” The widening of his eyes was as entertaining as always. The tears filling them even better. She moved forward a little, knowing that with his eyes blurred by his tears her looming shape would be even more intimidating.

Missions to Mars


Prompt by: u/AnakinWayneII 2020CE: a group of investigative journalists and rogue intelligence analysts are investigating “wild” claims that 2 secret manned missions to Mars occurred nearly 40 years ago. Things get heated after some of the journalists die in “accidents” and intelligence analysts begin to go “missing”.   There have been rumours going around that the space shuttles weren’t the only new space crafts launched in the eighties. Whispers of a project even more ambitious than the International Space Station. Grander than the Moon landings. Wild claims, ridiculous claims. Really, we shouldn’t have even bothered. The fact that we managed to get together such a big team is honestly ridiculous. No one really believed in some secret manned missions to Mars. How could something like that remain a secret? But work had been slow the last year, and this sounded more interesting than the usual slog. It didn’t take long before I was joined by...

Unlucky picture


An edited and improved version of this story is now available for purchase as part of the ‘Prophecies of the Drowned Oracle’ collection. More Info Buy on Ko-fi Buy on Amazon [20-11-19] Prompt by u/Xedro: Bad things always happen to people you photograph. You’re torn between treating this as a curse or exploiting it as a gift.   It was such a ridiculous ‘power’ that it took Lynn far too long to figure it out. As a child, being on vacation and playing with the camera didn’t seem at all related to the various disasters that hit her and her family. Who would ever come to the conclusion that taking a family photo was the thing that led to their car being stolen? That taking a funny picture of her brother was what caused his Nintendo-DS to fall and break. That the pictures she took of her cat is what lead to his disappearance. Bad things happened to the people she photographed. It wasn’t until the first death that she started to suspect… But even then she convinced...

Paranormal reports


An edited and improved version of this story is now available for purchase as part of the ‘Prophecies of the Drowned Oracle’ collection. More Info Buy on Ko-fi Buy on Amazon [19-11-19] Prompt by u/The_OG_upgoat: Most ghosts are bound to certain locations, but not this wandering spirit.   Jody watched the submarine submerge. Waves rolled over the place the vessel was only a moment ago. She could have gone with them, it was always exciting to see new places, and the deepest parts of the ocean were as new to her as they were to the people on board, but today she had something else to do. She turned her back to the sea and started up a firm pace towards the cliffs looming over her. Her gaze fell on the old castle just visible at the very top. She shuddered. The thought of being stuck there for the rest of eternity, or at least until the whole thing fell apart, was revolting. She had no idea how Charles handled it, how he was still sane. Charles was bound to the castle he...

Last minutes


[14-11-19] Prompt by u/AlternActive: A machine that allows to view and feel the last minutes of someones life has been invented. You, a convicted murderer, will be the first person testing. The victim was brutally killed.   What seems like hundreds of wires are connected to the helmet I wear, all of them connected to the machine around me. The machine that will let me view and feel the last moments of a life. Ever since the machine was invented, all convicted murderers are forced to go through it. I wouldn’t be the exception. I try to prepare myself for what’s coming. The end I’m about to experience is a violent one. I hear the click of a switch. A buzzing starts up in the machine, resonating all around me. The buzzing grows louder and louder until I hear nothing else, can’t even hear my own thoughts. Everything except for the buzzing is wiped away. Then, with a loud snap, I’m transported somewhere else. After the all consuming buzz, the silence around me is...


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