I am a 19-year-old writer from the Netherlands, although I write in English instead of Dutch.

I like magic, horror and dreams. I love plants, moss and fungi. I also have a bit of an obsession with Alice in Wonderland. You’ll likely see all of these things shine through in my writing.

I’m currently uploading short stories to this site. I am a chronic overwriter and my plots keep expanding from draft to draft. To counter this, I’m writing as many short stories as possible in order to really get to the heart of them.

In 2019 we(meaning: my parents, brother and I) moved from the city to a village. I adore exploring the neighbouring forest, looking at all the mosses and ferns and mushrooms. I even brought the forest into my own room by building terrariums with plants and decorations I found in there.

I currently take care of two ant colonies, a few dozen pillbugs and various other critters. They are all adorable. Maybe not as adorable as our two cats, but still very cute.

Outside of my terrariums, I have the rest of my room filled with plants, flowers and succulents, with plans for more.


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