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Hello and welcome to my blog.
When I post this, there won’t be any writing to see here yet, but you won’t have to wait long because I have finally decided on and committed to a posting schedule.

I’m going to post a short story every Monday.
Most of them will be around 1000 words long, but some might be a little longer or shorter.

While I haven’t posted any writing on my blog yet, I do have some writing available elsewhere if you’re curious. You’re always welcome to check out my Reddit: u/RobinEgberts.
I regularly answer writing prompts over on r/WritingPrompts. And I ask for critique and feedback over on r/writing.
The writing prompt answers aren’t super refined, but they’re fun little stories. I even plan to rework some of them into more quality work to post over here.
As for the critique, those are the actual stories I want to post here. I don’t have any regular beta-readers yet apart from my parents and grandma, so I use the weekly critique thread to get an outsider perspective. I already have some great critique on the story I’m going to post next week, which I’m very happy about.

On the topic of that story: I’m going to post it next Monday, which will be the seventh of October.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss it, you can subscribe to my newsletter by filling in your email below, or in the sidebar on the right.

I hope to see you here next week.

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